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Panhel Recruitment is an exciting time! You and hundreds of other girls will come out to Carleton Panhellenic events to see what Greek Life is all about. You’ll also get to meet the 3 Panhellenic sororities on campus:

- Alpha Omicron Pi

- Delta Phi Epsilon

- Phi Sigma Sigma


Choosing a sorority is mutual – you choose us as much as we choose you. During recruitment, you’ll attend an info session, followed by 4 nights of get-to-know-you parties. These parties are all about meeting the sisters and showing us what you’re about.


To stay updated on all Panhellenic events feel free to add "Panhellenic Carleton" as a friend on facebook!


Contrary to popular belief, being in a sorority offers more than just a killer social life. If you're looking for academic enhancement, the development of leadership and life skills and the opportunity to serve your community and friends you'll have for life - you've come to the right place.

Being a part of Phi Sigma Sigma means that you can add your unique personality and skills to one of the oldest sororities in Ottawa, helping us become even better!


Phi Sigma Sigma is an international organization and that means you get the full benefits of almost 100 years of tradition; a huge network of sisters around the world, support from headquarters and of course, awesome road trips! We have an established alum network you can use to find a place to stay when you're travelling, to get advice on graduate schools and even to find a job once you receive that Carleton diploma!


All Greek organizations have different qualities that attract their members. Our motto is “aim high” and we keep that in mind in everything we do.


It is important to get to know the members of a chapter to see if it is best fit for you. Joining a Greek organization is something that will impact you for the rest of your life.

You’ll walk into each sorority party the first night of recruitment and think “how am I ever going to decide which one to join? ”.

Recruitment can be confusing; every sorority has colourful streamers, pretty Bristol boards, beautiful pictures and great stories.

In order to find your perfect fit, you need to look deeper, past the decorations and smiles. By definition all sororities have a lot in common. They all participate in university life, volunteer and plan sisterhoods. You are not going to see those typical high school cliques. Yes, each sorority has a general reputation but they usually have an eclectic group of girls with different interests within their chapter.

To really decide which sorority is right for you, ask yourself these questions at recruitment:

-       How are the sorority members treating one another?

-       Do you act the same around your friends?

-       What do they continuously emphasize in conversations? Do you hold these same values?

-       Another great way to get a better feeling for the sorority is to notice them outside formal recruitment.               How do they act on campus or at school parties?

-       How did you feel talking with the girls?

-       Remove yourself from the gossip, the hype and the boy’s opinions. Then ask yourself, which sorority                   were you most comfortable with?

-       All sororities are able to clean up nicely during sorority recruitment, but you can’t fake real connections.           Who did you truly connect to?

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