Alum: Where are they now?

Updated: May 7, 2019

Meet Meaghan! Meaghan graduated from Carleton University and Phi Sigma Sigma in 2018. While an active member of the Zeta Eta chapter, Meaghan held two executive council positions and made many life long friendships. Here’s what she is up to now!

“You might be wondering what it means to be an alum of Phi Sigma Sigma. Well, it simply means that you are no longer an active member of the chapter but you are still a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma. As we like to say “once a Phi Sigma Sigma, always a Phi Sigma Sigma”. Just because I am no longer at school, it does not mean I no longer have my sisters. I still keep in touch with my sisters and we support each other as we navigate through life.

During my four years in Phi Sigma Sigma, I held two executive council positions. I was the Panhellenic Delegate, where I was responsible for attending Panhellenic meetings and representing Phi Sigma Sigma and bringing back Panhellenic news to the chapter to keep sisters updated. After that, I was the Bursar. The Bursar is responsible for the chapter budget, ensuring dues are paid and reimbursing sisters for expenses.

My time as an active member in Phi Sigma Sigma is one that I will never forget. I made lifelong friendships and it helped me get the job that I have today. I am currently working full time in Muskoka for an organization called Women on Purpose, which focuses on women empowerment. Women on Purpose helps women learn how to become highly effective negotiators so that they can get what they want from the bedroom to the boardroom. It also helps women discover how to live their lives on purpose and with purpose.

Phi Sigma Sigma has taught me to put yourself out there, talk to people and take risks. Because of Phi Sigma Sigma, I have so many friends and connections that I would not have otherwise. I have learned how to become a strong, independent woman and to not take myself too seriously at times. I am so grateful for the experiences I had in Phi Sigma Sigma and will continue to cherish the memories. Just like we say, once a Phi Sigma Sigma, always a Phi Sigma Sigma." – Meaghan Beaudry

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